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Somewhere in Brittany (France) is a magical forest, the forest of Broceliande, home of Merlin, the druid and enchanter. It is well known that Merlin is used to travel through time, but what is unknown of the crowd is that Merlin did setup a magic cave acting like a portal leading to various worlds and epochs...

There is one thing in common to the worlds that this cave allow to reach: in these worlds, death is usually not a permanent status and most of the ones who perish by accident do resurrect after a while. It`s a good thing actually, because the said worlds are small and closed, very few of their inhabitants being able to escape them... and food is rare, leading to a merciless competition for survival where the predators try to feed on the preys...

Voregotten Realm is a vore-themed free-form role-playing MUCK, but it also offers a BDSM-biased area (the Slavers` Island) and the macrophiles and microphiles are welcome too (specific commands are implemented for them and a specific area is being built).

As far as vore is concerned, you are welcome to RP any kind of vore you want: soft, mild, hard, gory, cooking, consensual or not, sexual or not... anything !

As for the characters` races, all are welcome: human, furry, scaly... anything fancying you is fair game (we encourage creativity and imagination).

The MUCK offers medieval, contemporary and futuristic/sci-fi settings, and therefore suits anyone`s needs.

Voregotten Realm provides a complete and coherent set of commands, as well as some unique features, to be discovered on its website... :-)

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