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TinyTIM is the world`s oldest continual MU. in existance. We have a

blistering social scene with frequent headache-producing events and various

other things that make your stomach hurt. Most people never live through

the experience, but that doesn`t stop them. Our wizards are utterly arbitrary,

and we`ve been known to turn people into lawn chairs for using the letter

`o` in their name.

We have a Pern Weyr that`s really nice, except the carpeting is very ugly.

Come on down and hang out in the TinyTIM Main Area Place (the Nexus), which

we stole from TinyHell and they can`t have it back, the bastards. It likes

us better anyhow.

We`re run by a cow and a fish and some Klingons and a few dragonriders and an

ancient Native American god and a guy who`s really both a guy and a girl, plus

some others. Sometimes it gets confusing, and often frightening. But hey, you

only live once. Oh! Nearly forgot. We`re not just a big game; we`re a REALLY

big game.

Mud Theme: Social

source: www.mudconnect.com
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