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Welcome traveller to Tirradyn, a realm much different from most, a place where venerable dragons and ancient magic roam free, where demons and angels can be seen working in harmony or battling in brutal conflict, where fae creatures frolic and beastkin prowl, where love is found and lost, where bards` songs tell the tales of fallen heroes and jesters prance and caper for a cup of mead, a place of wonder, both benign and malign. Gods both older than the world and young contrive towards there own ends, trusting only those of there priesthood with the secrets that they have gleaned as each works towards there own end. Be it the scholarly Suscitatio Sophus, the courageous Sages, the idealistic Sendak, the devoted Vantigans, the naturalistic followers of Nadur, the devious devotees of Kasimir striving for power or the strange sects of Furina steeped in disease and death. Each follows the teachings of there deity, but towards what ends?

Then dear traveller there are the mortal run and set up organisations, each too seems bent towards there own paths and objectives, how will these young organisations fair when they pit themselves against the religions and what does each ultimately plan for those others that dwell within the realm? The Shihaiteki Dantei under the direction of there devious leader, who is rumoured to have been a wanted criminal, before he founded his own guild, or the noble sounding Krusaders of Light, perhaps they too have some darker secrets that have yet to be revealed.

Tirradyn holds many mysteries, some have been revealed lately, but others still remain shrouded, with new cities and wonders being discovered by those brave enough to explore the wilds of the seven massive continents. Perhaps traveller, you will be one bold enough to find fame and fortune within such an endeavour?


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