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The Evolution of Esos is a role-play intensive world

where you immerse yourself in the character of your

choosing. Role-play in this game world is not only

accepted but strictly enforced. The EoE Staff is highly

interactive with the player base, both In Character and

Out of Character, in an effort to assist the mud in its

development. The events in the mud unfold not unlike a

storybook, authored by YOU, the player. In this story you

will become your character, having adventures untold

and living your days in a fantastic, highly descriptive and

expansive game world.

Although the mud is completely functional, it is still being

developed each and every day, with more additions

planned for the future, and can be expected in some

manner on a daily basis, whether it be descriptions,

special request items, or just about anything your mind

can think up that fits into the gameworld. Through the

combined effort of the community of players and the

staff, the mud itself will always be a work in progress, as

we strive to create something bold and unique in flavor.

Such additions include vast area building, code changes,

new races, mobs, objects and plots. The EoE Staff is

quite willing to tailor specific objects to player needs, as

valuable role-playing tools or resources from the

character s background. The work that you put into your

character is more valuable to us than the little time that it

takes to craft an object to assist in your role-playing

experience, so this is done quickly and with ease. We

appreciate YOUR effort as players, parts of the

evergrowing tale, and fellow roleplayers.

Players start out by choosing a class, representing the

inborn talents. From there, the sky`s the limit. Players

can learn anything, including hunting, bow shooting,

horseback riding, carriage piloting, fishing, swimming,

mining for different metals, taking those metals and

forging them into useful weapons, an extensive crafting

system that allows you to create everything from a

simple threading needle to an elaborate tribal headdress,

farming, lock smithing, climbing, swimming, guarding,

and bartering. The list goes on and on, ending with a

very unique magic system. However, just like in real life,

if you spread yourself too far and too thin, you shouldn`t

expect to become a professional. The only skills that a

character can NOT learn, are skills based on a magical

class, which is restricted to that class and that class

alone. This skill system allows the player to truly tailor

their characters to their own experiences and their

physical abilities and talents will grow and thrive based

on what you do, how often, and how intensely you

roleplay each and every situation you find yourself in.

EoE is not a hack-n-slash MUD. Roleplaying is strictly

enforced according to the documentations and timeline,

and appropriate guidelines provided on this webpage.

This does NOT mean that you cannot go against the

grain! It will however show you what the average elf

knows and expects to see, making a character that `goes

against the grain` more informed and playable. We

suggest you read the parts of the webpage that are most

likely where you want to take your character in game. As

things grow and change, more will be added: skills,

magic, items, beasts... you can expect that at least five

new items, five new npc`s, and five new rooms will be

added on a daily basis. Plot movement is done on an

eighty percent player-driven level. Beyond that,

recommended playtimes and such, are open ended. We

have no expectations on how such times come out, and

have a wide variety of tools at are disposal to keep things

moving. You will have fun! You will have a say! Your

character will have an impact!


The Evolution of Esos sometimes contains adult oriented

material, including violence and sometimes sexually

graphic material. It is the staff policy for all players to be

eighteen years of age.


Mud Theme: Role Play Intensive

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