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TerraFirmA is a complete world inhabited by many strange and fascinating

people and creatures. Its wide and varied landscape ranges from burning

deserts to frozen wastes, from violent seas to thriving settlements of

every size. The world is filled with quests for you to solve in your

journey to the highest levels of the game; a journey that will bring you

excitement and fun and challenge you in every way. Can you battle through

ancient Rome? Can you find the lost children of Hamelin, or steal a pirate

ship and sail it across a dangerous sea? Do you dare journey alone through

dark and ancient tunnels, stirring up the dust of centuries and risking the

traps and plots of cunning minds whose maniacal laughter echoes all around

you? Somewhere, deep inside all of us is a little bit of magic. You just

have to know how to use it. TerraFirmA lets you make the most of it. With 4

spheres and 5 levels of magic, ranging from Gerald`s Dimishing Dimmer to

Sensation Shining Spark we have it all.

TerraFirmA offers a unique experience in the Aber community. A heavily

re-written code engine offers a substantial set of unique features. These

include : a full monetary system (banks, stores, pubs, + more), mobiles with

intelligence, substantial interaction, newbie friendly admin with a custom

written newbie area, over 40 unique quests found nowhere else, degradable

equipment, sliding attitude scales, plus plenty more!! Drop by and enjoy!

Mud Theme: Puzzle-focused questing and social

source: www.mudconnect.com
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