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RetroMUD is a text-based M.ulti-U.ser D.ungeon in which you take on the role of a Gifted One. Gifted Ones are trapped in a universe known as the Retroverse, which consists of six massive worlds. An endless war between the Immortals and the Gods rage as the Immortals seek to keep reality together by sealing the Rift, and the Gods seek to escape the Retroverse prison by collecting souls. Traversing these six worlds, battling with magic and steel, Gifted Ones use their unique powers to forge their own futures, and claim allegiance to either side or to themselves alone.

Not enough? We`ve got over 60 races, over 20 classes, hundreds of unique skills and spells, quests tailored to guilds, explosive events, castles -- you name it, we`ve got it. And if we don`t have it, we`re working on it. It`s six MUDs in one. Come by and check us out. You`ll be glad you did!

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