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The power of the human mind is both infinite and terrible. Mankind

is capable of both selfless love and unfathomable cruelty. Each of

us possesses a world beyond the senses, a world which is the

backbeat and underpinning of the waking, conscious world.

There are those who have the power to channel the archetypes

within them to achieve superhuman feats. This power is called

`Persona`. These are the stories of those people, who have, for

better or for worse, have been granted great power... And how

they decide to use it.

Those who confront this realm of the unconscious are forever

changed by the experience. Some are erased, some are twisted.

But others find that they and the reflections they walk among are

one and the same, and through this, prosper. Great forces have

been set into motion by those who understand this power, forces

that could either save humanity, or doom it. What mask will you

wear to confront the hardships of life? That choice is yours

alone to make.

Within the shadows of the cities of Japan, strange and

incredible things occur. Where rumors become real, the

reflection of a television might conceal the door to another

world, and at midnight, time itself stands still. This all

lurks just below the surface of the common, everyday waking

life of the world, where by day men and women work and go to

school, and by night seek out the reasons for this fantastic


PersonaMUSH is a new game based on Atlus` Shin Megami Tensei:

Persona franchise. As Persona and Shadow are two sides of the

same coin, both those who command the power of Persona and

those who have allowed their Shadow to rule over them are

available for application.

And do watch out for the butterflies...

Mud Theme: Anime/Video Game (Persona/Shin Megami Tensei)

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