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New Worlds Ateraan is a full featured Intensive Roleplaying Game.

Offering several unique and powerful guilds, races, politics,

religion, justice, economy, and a storyline that is dominately

player controlled with a history and background based on a novel

for more robust roleplay direction.

The Guilds range from your standard Fighter and Mage to the strange

Retter and unique Merchant which is widely accepted as an enhanced

roleplaying Guild with exciting features like guard hiring caravans,

ship building and repair, clan building, house builing, auction

houses, theater control, and reparations of weapons and armour.

Religion is a topic of large debate and conflict, but definitely not

the only one. With racial cities and two distinct nations of varying

loyalty and politics, Ateraan abounds in opportunities for the

new immigrant and the long time established player. Social standing

can be as important as strength of arms and starting in New Worlds

is simple and direct with staff members, guides and experience

players to assist you.

Murder and intrique can find you in dark alleys or on a highway, or

you can seek gold and fame with groups ranging in size form solo to

twenty or more adventurers raiding a stronghold, or you can relax

on an open beach while fishing, digging for clams, finding crabs,

or swimming in shark infested waters.

The diversity of roleplay and adventure in New Worlds is astounding

as you will find yourself aligned with a faith or clan, race or

guild, or on a romantic get away to an inn or resturaunt with

intelligent servers, or perhaps smoking gnome pipes while watching

a theatrical performance in a fully operational and player run grand

theater. And the serious roleplay only matches the hundreds of

weapons, armours, creaturs, artifacts, and items of power.

A newest feature is the massive shipyards that boast several unique

styles of ships from the tiny two man dinghy to the sleek and fast

cutter, to the huge fifteen crew and multiple room yacht, to the

fortress of the sea war galleon that boasts over nine distinct and

seperate weapons.

Our ships and seas offer exciting quests, deep sea fishing, cargo

caravan runs from various ports, pirate hoves and enemy ships, the

ability to board and sink opposing ships, go on whaling runs, and

battle other players at sea, even to the point of massive armada


All we ask of our roleplay focused playerbase is that you remain

in character while in the game. While there are out of character

areas, the game thrives and demands strict roleplaying, giving New

Worlds the magic of a well written, yet unscripted story.

What most have said about New Worlds, `Play it for a week, and show

your style of roleplay, and we guarantee you will find a home here.`

We have a player base that is 50/50 ratio of men and women, and a

wide age range, so all will find their niche.

Check it out, you won`t be disappointed. We encourage you to visit

the website to see the features of this game.

Mud Theme: Fantasy Roleplay EnforcedClient Recommendation:


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