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Medievia V is here!

From a distance you behold our world. Peaceful, beautiful continents resting like gems set within an aquamarine sea. Come closer.

To the east, you see a battle waging on the seas. A ship is locked in battle with a giant sea serpent, the crew frantically manning the guns and striving to hold the ship together in face of the onslaught.

Many miles to the north, in another part of the sea, several clans have gathered their strength to do battle against the Khrait, a mysterious, powerful race that has recently begun to invade our lands from Afar, in the first skirmishes of war that will change the face of Medievia.

In a few parts of the world, life continues almost serenely. Clans prepare to build their businesses; traders venture between the great cities of our land in endless search for profit; dragons soar through the sky, bearing adventurers out to hone and test their skills, in the hopes of becoming worthy of the title Hero.

But look closer still, at our faces. See the anticipation, the fear and excitement, as each one of us faces the fact that the struggle we`re engaged in will determine the destiny of our entire world, and of each of our souls.

Gold and glory, battle, adventure, triumph, defeat, Good, and Evil... all await anyone with the strength of spirit to come forth. Our history is being written. Are you strong enough to join us?

Do you dare enter?


Medievia has been around since 1992, and has never stopped growing, evolving, and becoming better, and we`re one of the largest gameworlds in existence! We have it all, and then some. Our maps are unparalleled, using beautiful miniature graphics provided by our own fonts. Our zones and wilderness are immense and interactive, and it`s all watched over by our greatest achievement: a sophisticated artificial intelligence module we call the DungeonMaster.

The DM allows history to unfold. Everything you do, wherever and whenever you are, is connected, and is watched by the DM. The storyline continues to unfold, and YOU are a part of History. Join us!

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