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Welcome to Medieval Times, where magic users and melee types

come together to defeat powerful dragons, grand wizards, and

the evilest demons known to the land. Medieval Times has pure

and hybrid classes, like Psionist or Necromancer which can become a

Mindflayer or Death Mage and races, we have a physical and

elemental damage system, trade type skills, auctioning system,

Arena-type battlefield, ANSI color, 100`s of unique zones,

millions of NPCs, AI scripts that interact with players, gem

socketing, level based armor and weapons, along with class

and race restrictions and bonuses. We have a remort system

where as a level 50 mortal, you may choose to remort, starting

back at level 1 but you now can achieve level 100 (Hero), gain

your skills back at a sooner level, acquire new skills, and

special rage attacks and defenses at 50+. We here at MT love

ANSI graphics and provide a unique coloring display designed to

enhance your playing experience. You can also do much more than

hack and slash, we incorporate mob classification and random

items are dropped that can be used in certain trade skills and

quests. There is a newbie automatic quest system that has been

recently overhauled and is tailored specifically for the new

player. Any player that completes the quests is rewarded with

experience points as well as beginner equipment. They will also

gain the invaluable knowledge on basic commands and resources

available throughout the MUD. It is a great way to jumpstart a

character! Come conquer our realm!

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy


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