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Harshlands is a FREE roleplay intensive, skills-based MUD set on the medieval island of Harn. Above all else Harshlands is a living, breathing medieval world that you can step into and immerse yourself. Adventure is encouraged but not at the expense of character consistency. Feudal and Republic governments exist on the isle. Harshlands is low fantasy oriented but Gods, Magic and Psionics do exist and tend to be very powerful when rarely encountered. Players can choose to pursue careers including numerous guilded crafter professions (weaponsmith, innkeeper, hideworker, etc), and common professions such as soldier, guide, criminal, clergy, law enforcer and many more. Your imagination is the only limitation. Players proving to be mature and dedicated are offered opportunities that include shop ownership, master level craftsmanship, nobility and many advanced professions. The game world includes over 16,000 original rooms in smoothly integrated and universally consistant zones, numerous cities, ten deities, five human ethnic and cultural groups, and three non-human races selectable by players of proven ability. While the thrust and focus of the game is serious roleplay, the world remains a deadly and harsh environment, where life outside the cities is risky and death is permanent via a detailed and realistic combat and injuries system where you can see exactly how your character is hurt. Recently upgraded code includes account system, wound-based combat system with wound treatment/infection code, upgraded AI, crafts, and numerous small refinements to promote RP.

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