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Your story with Frandum begins with a mysterious dream, and your questing toward immortality will lead you to uncover ancient truths about the world, its history and the very nature of its gods.

Key features:

- NO grinding. In Frandum you are expected to do quests, and you will only do them once. There is no such thing as spending hours fighting the same monsters or gathering the same items simply to reach a pre-defined threshold. There are, however, more than 1200 unique quests for you to discover.

- Varied gameplay: quests imply that you explore, search, talk to people, combine items, inquest, confront, solve puzzles, use your spells in uncanny ways and also sometimes (but not mainly) fight.

- Massive crafting system where you can literraly craft anything (several hundreds possibilities), choosing the materials you want to use from pretty much everywhere

- Game-driven guilds allow endless personnalization of your character and experience

- Original skills will grow seamlessly as you use them. Skills include brew, lore, swimming, sight, wizardry, crafting... it`s not just weapons!

- Several dozens of different enchantments are available for your weapons and armors

- Deep trees of object, monster and room categories offer a unique gameplay, e.g. sell plants to botanists for a better price, gather fur from any dead (non-aquatic) mammal, learn how to move faster in forests...

- Multiple-sized automaps, tracking, directions and transportation systems will get you easily through our 8000+ rooms

- You will travel through a consistent and original fantasy world built around a long history and where the relationships between races, creeds and kingdoms really matter. Will you learn all the world`s languages to bridge the gaps between civilizations or organize the downfall of your worst enemies?

The game is screen-reader friendly, with commands to filter the ASCII, yet at the same time we have developed our own graphical client with inventory, various drawn maps, diary, history...

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