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THEME: Everdark is in a mythical medieval fantasy realm. You would expect to encounter orcs, goblins, elves, dragons, demons and dwarves. You will travel several continents in search of treasure, armaments and gold.

FEEL: Everdark prides itself on its high quality descriptions. Our creators author areas that will draw you in to our setting. Adventurers can look, feel, smell, listen and search throughout the realm. All of the descriptions in an area have many levels to bring forth our creators` imaginations.

GUILDS: There are ten guilds in Everdark: Adventurer, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Illusionist, Mage, Ranger, Rogue, and Undead. All players start as Adventurers. However, you may join any of the other guilds instead. All ten guilds are pretty well balanced; there is no one guild which is better than another. You should select a guild which best suits your style of play (and hopefully your style of role-playing).

HOUSES: Sometimes referred to as clans or cabals. Players over a certain level may join an existing house, or, with a group of three other players, start up a new house. Everdark`s houses are a good way to pool resources for the construction of a manor. They are also very important if you want to get into playerkilling.

PLAYERKILLING: Players over a certain level may "opt in" to the playerkilling mechanism Everdark calls "Xalenteri." Those who are XAL may freely kill other players who have opted into the system. Since becoming XAL is purely at each player`s discretion, the realm`s administration does not enforce any rules pertaining to who can kill who.

NOBILITY: Everdark`s primary advanced player mechanism is the nobility. Once a player reaches a certain level, they may choose to join up as Lord or Lady. Over time, if you`re politically motivated, one may be promoted to advanced levels such as Baron, Countess or even Duke. Gain enough power and you may even challenge the Monarch for his or her throne.

QUESTS: Everdark has sixteen quests and several dozen "mini quests." Solving quests in addition to raising experience and coins are essential steps in increasing your level.

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