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One of the first and Still the best full pkill/PvP racewar based muds around. Check out why many other mud Imms play and copy our original ideas still to this day. Play Duris for one week and chances are you will be hooked just like them!

Here is some of what Duris has to offer:

Two sided racewar concept, you can be either Good or Evil, take your pick!

Normal zones connected by a HUGE over head grahpical world map system with 6 major continents and dozens of islands all in ANSI color.

NO safe rooms it is possible to kill or be killed anyplace

267 unique zones consisting of 162,900 real rooms and growing

Random equipment drops as well as normal assigned zone items including dozens of rare item loads.

Hundreds of random quests generated each boot in addition to the 700+ built in quests.

Over 40 one of a kind artifacts of great power including, uniques and iouns.

Crafting of items and the ability to imbue objects with magical powers.

Over 12,000 different items not counting random equipment.

Over 10,000 unique mobiles

150+ different skills( New skills being added regularly )

400+ different spells( New spells being added regularly )

Player controlled ships: haul cargo, ship combat. Sails, cannons, ship frag list, etc

Automated PVP weblogging, so you can view the carnage online!

Guild/Clan system: fines, ranks, motd, etc. Including player custom on the fly guildhall creation, room names, discriptions, etc. all fully realized in ANSI color

Razing, Sacking or Takeover of rival guild halls

NOW 25 races and 24 classes to chose from (class availability based on race selected)

22 Hometowns with 3 more currently being worked on.

68 mobile races with their own special abilities and combat styles.

No multi-playing, it is not allowed and is harshly dealt with

Dozens of Race specific innate abilities

Zoning is possible without getting interrupted by PvP combat due to the size of the game but you can always find some PvP action if your looking for it.

Cool combat including race sizes, pulse system, range weapons and more.

Newbie school for a brief lesson on how to play Duris if you roll a Good race (A new enhanced newbie training area being added for all sides of race war.)

Pkill frag lists for each side of race war and sortable by class, race and guilds.

As always Duris is 100% free to play.

source: www.topmudsites.com

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