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Dawn of the Ages opened in 1999 as a Java-based ROM clone. Much of the ROM flavor still exists, but Dawn has expanded in other directions since that time, creating a unique game for anyone just wanting to take time off from the "real world". The game offers:

A combination of ROM original and many Dawn-only areas, including two original continents, Belarion and Keishi.

Thirty-four races, broken down into basic races like humans, elves and centaurs, and reincarnate races, including celestials, daemons, and shapeshifters.

Eight professions, including necromancers and templars, and numerous careers that enhance the power and play of the professions.

Seven clans compete for power and fame in the world. They represent various facets of the world, good and evil, magic and might, light and shadows, and a seventh that protects them all.

An optional and balanced "Player Killer System" that allows player versus player combat. Non-player-killers will have fun here, too.

Dawn of the Ages offers an arena that rewards winners in questpoints, gold and glory. Another part of the arena allows players normally out of pk to combat one another, or fight in groups, with no risk of death.

Did we mention questpoints? Quests are everywhere across the face of Ayreon, from simple bounties to career quests to world-spanning quests. Questpoints, gold, items and more can be gotten for successful adventurers.

Areas, monsters, skills and more that players won`t find anywhere else.

Interested? We invite you to step into a new world and explore it together with our small group of players. Take a look around and visit us - you won`t be disappointed!

"Dawn of the Ages staff should take money for all their work...harhar, god thanks i am already in and it`s still free.", Chronus Merblade, Mage Eater, Warden of Callador

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