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Dark Skies is one of the oldest Dystopian GodWars still around. Through the years we have seen many players, and made many modifications and improvements to our home.

The current class list:

Demon, Werewolf, Vampire, Samurai, Drow, Assassin, Ninja, Lich,

Shapeshifter, Tanarri, Angel, Undead Knight, Droid, Avenger,

Dragon, Fire Shinobi, Earth Shinobi, Wind Shinobi, Water Shinobi,

Shadow Shinobi, Holy Shinobi, Taijutsu Shinobi, Zombie, Monk,

Kekkaishi, Shadow, Taross, Sorcerer, Phoenix, Native, Reaper

Some of these classes you may be familiar with, but they have seen many changes

on Dark Skies. See how they have been tuned and improved over the years (like

Shinobi, Zombie, Shadow, Taross, and more).

We have an autonomous arena system, whereby you can fight AI class NPCs to

challenge your skills and win prizes. Go head to head in a gladiator to see how many

opponents you can down in a row, with each opponent increasing in status. Or you

can casually challenge an AI NPC to a spar to better learn the quirks and behaviors

of your class.

Fight people from across the globe, and enjoy an equal playing field. We have a

War Zone, which sets all entrants to the same Tier, Status, and Generation. This

allows for friendly competition between that tier 1 and tier 12 without it being

supremely unfair.

We have many options outside of PK to keep you occupied or happy while you wait,

or if you want a break. This includes several quest zones filled with puzzles and

boss mobs, with various items and equipment as rewards, as well as casino-style

games that can be played for fun or wager.

Our staff and playerbase are very helpful and friendly and enjoy assisting new

players set up a character and get into the action, and there are many help files

that provide plentiful information about the workings of the MUD. So stop on in,

and don`t be shy about asking for help!

Mud Theme: fun fun fun

source: www.mudconnect.com
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