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Blood of Dragons is set in the low-magic, medieval-inspired fantasy world of George R.R. Martin`s A Song of Ice and Fire (also the basis for the HBO show Game of Thrones). Knowledge of the books is not required for players with some experience, though it is definitely helpful. Blood of Dragons is the only MUSH operating with the approval of George R.R. Martin and its owners have written a book together with him, The World of Ice and Fire.

The game takes place around 140 years prior to the start of the first book, A Game of Thrones, allowing players to explore a less defined period in the history of Westeros while still experiencing how past events in the books may have played out. The roleplay is focused on the political and social interactions at the courts in King`s Landing and Sunspear, with players taking up characters from various noble households. Players have a choice between CGing a character themselves or taking up previously played, fully pre-generated role. Choose the latter option and you can often be ready to roleplay within minutes.

Blood of Dragons is focused on offering good-quality roleplay in a rich, immersive setting with a strong sense of history and continuity and we strive to be approachable and helpful. If you find yourself interested in the game, the following links may provide some good starting points:


IC News:

About King`s Landing:

About Dorne:

There is also a log archive, a chronicle of important IC events, the family trees for the various houses and much more to be found on the website, and of course the Admin (Nymeria & Balerion) are also happy to help out with any questions.

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