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The most unique mud on the Internet returns in its fourth version.

On Dusk you`ll find...

- Dark pre-industrial theme

- All areas 100% original and unique to Blood Dusk

- A slot-based skill group system which allows detailed character

customization while avoiding the `jack of all trades` syndrome

- A unique combat system with hundreds of distinct moves, four

stats (pain, fatigue, unbalance, and fear), and finishing moves

- Distinctive fighting styles including brawler, fencer, soldier,

taoken, gladiator, berserker, knifer, staff fighter, wardancer

- Non-combat skill groups including theology, stealth,

witchcraft, beastmastery, craftsmanship, medicine, apocruphyc

- Player-run factions which can build fortresses, hire NPC

assistants, collect treasure, and ally and declare war

- Expansive home city of Ravenfall (~500 rooms)

- Hundreds of special abilities to customize your character, such

as beer belly, stoicism, cloak of night, and eldritch aura

Dusk is also refreshingly free of annoying mud-isms such as rent,

corpse retrieval (combat is non-fatal), hunger & thirst, and

arbitrary command delay. Every element in the game is designed for

exactly one thing: to enhance the fun of your experience!

If you`re tired of trolls, hobbits, magic missle, bash, and glowing

jewel-bedecked swords of uberpower, then this is the mud for you.

We also have a focus on making it easy for players without a lot of

time to devote to the game to play and still find it enjoyable. Of

course there are plenty of `elder games` for those that do have a lot

of time to spend. Dusk accomodates many styles of play. It`s even

possible to play a character with no combat skills whatsoever.

Now six years old, Dusk`s diverse playerbase is as friendly as they

are devoted. Log on today and see what you`ve been missing.

Mud Theme: Gothic Post-Fantasy

ticks: 499

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