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Bedlam is based on the rich custom zones of AnotherWorld, a MUD which ran for over a decade and gathered a loyal following among the fans of exploration and set building. The emphasis is on casual, friendly team-play, and the hunt for equipment by perfecting strategies for taking down tough bosses.

A sleek graphical iPhone client and a highly interactive desktop browser GUI offer a view into the world unrivaled by other MUDs. A real-time automap is available even for those who choose to use their own client. Dozens of in-game utility features (e. g. server-side triggers, movement tracking, output filtering) improve accessibility and maximize enjoyment.

Although recognizably CircleMUD, the game is teeming with custom features. A custom quest system with hundreds of individual episodes allows any player to contribute ideas via an easy-to-fill web form. Our combat system combines automated basic attacks with elaborate skill and spell combinations. Ranged combat is also available. Many types of NPC followers (including mercenaries) persist over sessions, together with their equipment. Player shops and an auction house allow for an expansive player-driven economy. Private houses and guild houses with multiple upgrade options offer a number of end-game goals.

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