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info: Established in 2009 and located in Dsseldorf (Germany)Wintermute BBShas a focus on classic computers with a bias towards Commodore computers as well as the (not yet retro) Rasspberry Pi SBC. The bbs features a files section (x-/y-/z-modem downloads, just like the old days!), chat, netmail, local and networked bulletin boards (FIDO Net, BBS-Network) and popular RSS newsfeeds. For entertainment you may choose from a selection of classic DOS door games for you to enjoy. The bbs migrated to a new software (MBSE BBS) on january 1st, 2019 after ten years of permanent operation and has been re-designed and re-organized. Data from the existing file areas was migrated from the old software to MBSE BBS as well. While german is the primary language, english is also spoken and there are menus and RSS feeds available for both languages. Behind the scenes the bbs is run by a Raspberry Pi 3, Raspbian Linux and MBSE BBS. The systemalso uses QEMU and FreeDOS in order to provide classic DOS door games.
login: Gast
source: dragon

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