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Xania - A British ROM MUD.

From the terrifying towers of the Flying Citadel to the floral sanctitude of Imladris, the lands of Xania brim with pleasure and peril.

Xania welcomes adventurers, serious role-players and those who simply wish to meet new friends on-line. You may take one of many forms, each of which have been created to give you a fair and challenging gaming experience.

It is also a friendly place - it is not permitted to kill or steal from other players. However, should you wish to fight it out with another player, Xania`s Challenge Arena has been designed specifically for this purpose.

The world of Xania is made up of many original lands as well as a selection of familiar, traditional areas. You may find yourself getting outsmarted by creatures that don`t take kindly to bad behaviour. Or you may find yourself face-to-face with the grim reaper itself as it performs its vital duty.

And if you`re into magic, weapons and death (who isn`t?) then there`s plenty of that too

Xania is located on a fast network in the United Kingdom and has been operating since 1995.

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