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Aturion Dynasty is world of medieval fantasy filled with dragons and wizards and other creatures strait out of the imagination of J. R. R. Tolkien. To add a bit of a twist from your standard fantasy fare, the `Aturions` were introduced into the game. The Aturions are an evil race of invading aliens whose sole purpose is the extermination of the humanoid races. This means that while 90% of the mud`s various monsters, skills and equipment are based on fantasy, we have added a small amount of technology to give the mud more of a unique feeling. Both the humanoid and aturion races have their own homelands, who-lists, and spell sets that reflect this theory of play.

Aturion Dynasty offers:

Pkill between the Humanoid Races and Aturion Races.

The choice of 10 professions (classes) per side.

Implants, Guilds, Sects, Clans, And Remort player buffs.

As well as several other interesting features that I can`t describe in a 20 line description, so come check us out!

Please Note: AD is currently undergoing renovations, so things are being changed constantly.

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