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We are a non-consensual roleplaying game with permadeath, very similar in style and feel to an RPI. We allow for OOC communication, however, through a global OOC channel and in-room osay, and discussion about game mechanics or theme are always welcome.

We have recently left beta, during which time we were known as After Earth.


Alter Epoch is a predominantly cyberpunk game set in Sector 7, the last and largest hub of densely-packed, heavily urban civilization on Earth. Humankind, previously space-capable and spread across the solar system, has been sabotaged, broken, and beaten back to Earth. War with what is widely believed to have been an extraterrestrial force has devastated the planet, pushing refugees in droves from the outlying colonies and stations into the world`s capitol and all but emptying peripheral sectors of Earth. Some choose to live outside the boundaries of Sector 7, but the nomads are few and far between. Humanity may have won the war, but they lost a lot more.

With invention so severely punished, self-interest takes precedence over innovation. Expansion and achievement are no longer on the minds of most. The human spirit has been dampened, and what effort is made to maintain Sector 7 is more often performed for personal benefit than to answer some higher calling.

The goal of Alter Epoch is to partake in a largely dark and depressing world through the creation of a character that fits within the setting. We feature a cyberpunk theme with some sci-fi overtures.

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