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Interested in helping to develop an up-and-coming MUD? OutlandsMud is currently recruiting builders and coders to revamp the game and open it to the public. If you have an idea about an exciting and original zone or quest, contact Chelyndra at either chelyndra@outlandsmud.com or outlandsmud@gmail.com. If you have knowledge of CircleMUD code, C or C++, contact aenarion at aenarion@outlandsmud.com

About Outlands: Our staff currently consists of people who have been mudding/building for many years. It is a medieval fantasy based mud, and is up and running 24/7. We have approximately 52 zones in progress, with many of them already open and playable. We are still in beta stages but plan to open fully and operational within the next few weeks to a month, but we need more coders and builders!

If you would like to look at what has been done so far, please feel free to log on at outlandsmud.com 4000.

Hope to see you soon!

source: www.topmudsites.com

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