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TriadCity is an acclaimed virtual world made of words. It`s blind-friendly, has more women players than men, and is cited by The Cambridge Companion to Postmodernism as a new form of literature.

Where many games focus on `kill the monster` style adventuring, TriadCity explores themes central to Western culture: good and evil, city and country, nature and civilization, personal and collective identities, violence and nonviolence, freedom and slavery.

Not medieval. Urban environment. All of historical time simultaneously present.

Has things to say about the racialism of the MUD tradition derived from Tolkien and D&D. `Elves` in TriadCity are a displaced population evoking Native Americans and the contemporary crises of refugees from Syria and Central America.

Computer-mediated narrative. Room descriptions vary algorithmically depending on character attributes.

Highly sophisticated AI. Lightyears beyond conventional MUDs.

Written by published authors and by player contributors collaborating as a group.

Programmed by professionals.


More women players than men.

Social satire with a definite leftward tilt. But we make fun of the left, too.

The TriadCity home page

TriadCity on Wikipedia

TriadCity on Facebook

The TriadCity authors` blog

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