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The story intensive Medieval Fantasy MUD based on Arthurian mythology, now finally free to play. You awaken in a strange land ruled by an elven Queen, a land eternally Winter where mention of Summer is Treason. It is a land of rivaling noble houses, chivalrous knights, beautiful damsels, powerful magi, scheming politicians and daring rogues. Mystery, intrigue and romance combine in the stories of Castle Marrach.

Castle Marrach is a game of roleplaying, socialization, and storytelling set in the feudal medieval realm of Marrach, the land of Eternal Winter ruled over by the elven Queen Vivienne.

You take on the role of a character within Castle Marrach, freshly arrived in the mysterious land with no memory, trying to discover your purpose while learning the lore of your new surroundings. It is said the High Elven Queen Vivienne plucked you from your former life and brought you here to forge a new life within Her Realm. In this new life you are given a clean slate to become a new person, the person you were always meant to be, be it chivalrous Knight, skilled crafter, powerful mage or wicked villain.

In Castle Marrach you will be able to socialize with hundreds of other characters, each playing their own role within the Castle. Duelists, Watchmen, courtiers, seamstresses, carpenters, and poets are just some of the many people you will meet.

At heart, the game of Castle Marrach is about stories. StoryPlotters within the community manage the largest epics of the Castle with regularly released plotlines run by Skotos Staff, but each and every player, including you, also has the opportunity to tell their own stories within the Castle.

Castle Marrach is a prose game based on the Skotos StoryBuilder server. Locales and other people are described in evocative text, while a text-based command parser allows players to input complex commands. Thousands of verbs and adverbs support the socialization within Castle Marrach, which is further supplemented by a vividly descriptive dueling system and a complex alteration system.

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