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Dibrova is the culmination of nearly 2 decades of work on the part of a score of immortals who have contributed to its present state.

Among many features, here is a list of some you will find:

- A large world of over 245 zones.

- 24 races.

- 8 mortal classes.

- 26 remort classes.

- 3 immortal classes.

- Over 500 skills, spells, chants and prayers available.

- Automated quest system.

- A clan system that includes clan run stores, zones, clan halls, tollbooths, mini-bars, and more.

There is a lot more, a lot to explore!

Dibrova is not a MUD in a constant state of change, it is one that can be relied on to keep its foundations the same for years to come.

Come check us out, we won`t disappoint you.

source: www.topmudsites.com

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