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Established in 1996, Aardwolf has grown to be a highly popular MUD with hundreds of players online at a time. Aardwolf features a real time line-of-sight overhead map, detailed class system with specializations in each guild. Hundreds of features and areas to explore and an extensive LUA based scripting system allowing builders to create unique challenges. Stats truly matter in how you play your character and specialize for combat, for enchanting, for clan defense, for exploration, for pk, for crafting or for any number of other things.

Players can acquire quest and trivia points through automated quests, competitive global quests, or lengthy and difficult `campaigns`. Hundreds of named quests also exist within the area. Aardwolf offers over 30 specialized player-run clans with a variety of themes for everyone. Optional playerkilling is available to these clans, or if that`s not to your taste, some of these clans are no-PK.

If you`re feeling a bit bloodthirsty, how about wars, where players can compete in teams based on race, class, rank, or a free-for-all? Or for even more fun, visit one of the many combat mazes on the MUD, where anything goes, or challenge someone to a duel using our interference-free duel system. Or for those days when you`re not feeling too violent, choose from one of the dozens of fully customizable channels available and simply chat to your heart`s content. And that`s only the start! We have lasertag arenas, blackjack tables, florists, and t-shirt shops. We even, for some reason, have weasels. Give Aardwolf a try today!


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