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Old campy 2.4.5 style. D&D inspired themes. Web based character creation. Once one of the top 20 most popular MUDs on the `net, around 1994, with a consistently packed 80 players online and a queue system for getting on (boy was that awesome and horrible).

The bartender will summon you back to town if you try to leave town when you`re level 1. Please explore town first. The world is full of secrets and magic but not really players. There`s a bulletin board in the church, s,e,e,n from the pub you land in you when you log in, and the pub is safe.

AfterHours in some form ran almost non-stop since about 1991. Around 1994, the Gods took the MUD down and factions fought over a backup from 1992. This is one of two of those. I was Phaedrus of AfterHours and I`m logged on as Scrottie.

We had one of the earliest 2d map based GUI systems written in JavaScript for Netscape 2.0 (server-push and faked AJAX) then again in Java then in Flash but this is not currently operable. The in-band (over telnet) protocol is still there.

Additional Noted Features:

IRC gateway on weehours.net: /join #mud to connect.

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