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MuseNet, the Multi-User Science Education Network, is a system of

computers in the domain musenet.org providing access to Educational

MUSEs (Multi-User Simulated Environments), such as MicroMUSE and

MariMUSE. It is based at MuseNet World Headquarters and supervised by

Dr. Barry Kort (Moulton) with assistance from Kevin Kane (Frnkzk).

MUSEs are multi-user text-based virtual communities accessible via

the Internet. They derive from popular text-based adventure games

such as Adventure and Zork. But MUSEs support real-time interaction

among many participants who collaborate to build their own world.

Thus they support the constructivist model of learning, in the spirit

of Dewey and Montessori. More than just multi-user programming

environments, MUSEs foster a strong sense of community

among participants.

MicroMuse is a multi-user simulation environment developed in the

1990s at Bolt Beranek and Newman. The system features explorations,

adventures, and puzzles with an engaging mix of social, cultural,

recreational, and educational content.

MicroMUSE / MuseNet has received the 1996 NII Award for pioneering

innovations in Children`s Education via the Internet.

Mud Theme: Educational

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