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SMiLE is an abermud which supports player killing. The

object of the game is to obtain 30+ quest points and get

200,000 points to make wizard. Points can be gained by

solving puzzles and quests, killing mobiles and other

players (if you have the killer flag) and dropping items of

value in one of the two sacrificial pits.

The type of character you play is your choice. You may

choose to run a killer, play nice and merely defend

yourself when attacked, or something in between. Playing

the mud as a player killing mud will increase the challenge

you experience while running. Player killing also gives

you the opportunity to try to outwit human players who are

less predictable than computer generated mobiles. You also

have the choice of playing the mud as a nonplayer killing

mud. Which ever style you choose to play, the mobiles of

SMiLE are more challenging than in some other muds. The

game has a complete combat system with weapons, armor and

spells. Weapons and armor are abundant and with a bit of

exploration you can increase your magical knowledge.

Mud Theme: Medieval/Fantasy

ticks: 22

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